Recommended Reading

Over the past twenty years we’ve read a lot of books. A lot. We want to make sure that we are incorporating everything useful about decision making, goal-setting, communication, human factors, and vulnerability mitigation strategies. Here is a selection of some of those books that we got a lot out of and think you might like too.

Truth, I can’t pronounce this author’s last name. Nonetheless a great read on why being in a state of “flow” (or “in the Yellow”) is good for both learning and fun

I think I’m being rather restrained by only including two of Gary Klein’s books. Even his articles in Psychology Today are excellent food for thought about how we make decisions in time-critical situations.

Yes, checklists. The same thing your Nana takes to the grocery store is a powerful tool for surgeons, pilots, and everyone else who operates in a complex environment.

When it’s time for the second half of Do & Review, an organization needs to be able to fairly take appropriate action if something could have or did go wrong. Just Culture is a common sense approach to make sure the right level of the organization is addressed.

Human Factors are a contributing factor to almost every consequential error in aviation. We deal with them extensively in our enterprise-level software.

A very accessible read on snap-judgements and their reliability.

Know your classics.